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A few useful links

Official pages of the city of Warsaw
An official tourist portal of Warsaw
Poland's information portal
Another site about Warsaw
The Warsaw Voice - a weekly magazine in English and a portal with Polish news.
Municipal transport
National Frederic Chopin Institute
Polish <-> English online dictionary: Poltran

Currency notes

Polish currency unit is called "złoty" (international code PLN, abbreviation zł.) and it is divided into 100 groszy (abbr. gr) Most shops and service points do not accept any other currency. You can change cash in banks, hotels and exchange offices marked "Kantor". The rates are always listed outside and may slightly vary between different exchange offices. Most of private exchange offices (Kantors) do not charge commission. Please do not accept exchange offers from strangers. Here you can find current exchange rates.

It is not advisable to purchase larger amounts of Polish currency outside of Poland, as exchange rates tend to be unfavourable. Much better idea is to bring small amount of cash in a major currency (EURO, USD, JPY) and exchange it in "Kantor" or use ATM.

Most restaurants, hotels, travel agencies and shops accept credit and debit cards. The most popular are Visa (also Visa Electron), Master Card (also Maestro and Eurocard) but many others are accepted, e.g., American Express, Diners Club, JCB. The use of contactless payments for small purchases is quite widespread in Warsaw.

Cash dispensers (ATMs) accept major cards and are ubiquitous in central Warsaw.

You can read lots of other helpful tips about climate, electricity, measurement, etc by clicking here.

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