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Section Officer Duties

The Section Officers are elected each year and serve a one-year term. The section officers are:

Duties of the Section Chair

The Section Chair has to act in several capacities. As principal executive officer of the Section, this person is a leader and takes the initiative in carrying out any necessary action. The chair also accepts complaints from the other members and acts on those that the Chair thinks are legitimate. Finally, the Section Chair leads the meetings of the Section and the Committee.

Duties of the Vice Chair

The Vice Chair assists the Chair in bringing meetings and other Section activities to successful completion. The Vice Chair observes the activities of the Section and assists where needed. Typically the Vice Chair is nominated for the position of Section Chair for the following year.

Duties of the Section Secretary

The Secretary is the Section's link with AES HQ. The Secretary prepares the minutes, correspondence, agenda, and other paperwork required for running the Section, as well as communicates with headquarters for section mailing labels. The Secretary also prepares and mails the monthly meeting notices.

Duties of the Section Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for the fiscal affairs of the Section. This includes monitoring the income from AES Headquarters and payments of checks. Budgeting is an important part of the job so some familiarity with financial statements and the like is useful.

Duties of the Committee

The members of the Committee serve two-year terms. There are ten seats and normally the terms overlap for continuity.

The Section Committee makes the Section go. The Section Officers and the Committee find meeting topics and plan meetings around them. The Committee handles the details of presenting these meetings as well as some of the administrivia needed afterwards. Our section delegates the Meeting Coordinator function to a member of the Committee or to a section officer on a per-meeting basis. This person has the responsibility of making the meeting happen as planned. They are free to delegate sub-responsibilities to other Officers or Committee members.

Duties of the Meeting Coordinator

Each person on the committee is expected to plan and produce at least one meeting. The topic for that meeting could be their own or it could be one that presents itself (falls into our lap). Producing a meeting entails:

At the Meeting

These items need to be handled on the day of the meeting:

Any of the above list can be delegated. There's no reason why they can't be on the signup list.

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