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Sylvia Massy's Mic Museum
Zoom meeting video capture.
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Tea* Time Topics
A weekly discussion of audio and audio related topics featuring YOU.
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PNW Pro-Audio/Video Events
The place to find Pro Audio and Video events in the PNW area.
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JJ's Heyser Lecture
JJ delivered the Heyser Lecture at the 133rd AES Convention. PPT deck.
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September Meeting Notice
1st Annual AES PNW Audio Trivia Bonanza!

Presented by
Jess Berg
and the
AES PNW Section

With production support by
Rick Chinn & Dr. Mike Matesky

Thursday, 16 September, 2021

Please join us for a fun evening of audio and music trivia. Think Jeopardy meets trivia night at your local watering hole. Trivia topics will range across the audio-related spectrum and will challenge everyone's skill level. Be prepared to learn something new and bring your sense of adventure! Jess will be your trivia host and guide for the evening. BYOB + snacks. Everyone interested in audio is welcome.

Technical notes: Anyone with a computer can play. We will share the game board via Zoom, and you'll be able to use your smartphone or another open browser window as your playing device. Instructions will be provided and we'll run through a practice round together first.

Three rounds will be played, with the top contestants of each round and overall top players winning a mystery prize... :)

Afterwards, please stick around for introductions and a brief networking session. We look forward to re-connecting with past attendees and meeting new folks. This will be an interactive and informative meeting. We hope to see you there!

About Jess

Jess Berg is a live sound engineer (since 2003), educator (since 2012), tour and production manager (since 2014), musician and event MC (since 1997) and AES PNW Committee member since 2021. She got her first Tascam four track cassette recorder in 1996. She moved to the Seattle area in 2019 via Los Angeles, but was born and raised near Minneapolis, MN.

Jess got her start working live sound in the jazz clubs of the Minneapolis music scene. She became the Concert & Event Coordinator for the Minneapolis Parks, taught a course on SXSW at The Institute of Production and Recording, and performed regularly around town, playing guitar and singing.

Upon moving to LA in 2013, Jess followed her dream of touring the world with major label artists. In 2017, she skidded off a tour bus and into grad school at Cal State Northridge, obtaining a Master of Arts in Music Industry Administration in 2019. She moved to the PNW shortly after and attended the July 2019 AES PNW meeting, where she connected with some new and old friends and colleagues. She started working with local audio crews for AEG (Showbox, Showbox SoDo) and as a freelance A2 with Microsoft Studios. Her last tour pre-covid was a European run with New Power Generation in late 2019, as their production manager and monitor engineer.

Jess continues to network and participate in music and audio discussions about the future of our industry while figuring out next adventures. She currently lives in Bellingham, WA with her rescue dog.


Eventbrite link

PNW AES Zoom Meetings

We started holding our meetings via Zoom beginning with the April 2020 meeting. Zoom has dramatically increased our reach, well beyond our Section's geographic area. Since doing this, we've had attendees from Canada, and as far away as Indonesia, and Australia. Zoom gives the ability to record our meetings, and those recordings will be posted in our past meetings Archive. For now, video from our Zoom meetings can be found (mostly) at Dan Mortensen's YouTube channel.

We use EventBrite to manage our free tickets to meetings. You need to RSVP for yours via the following link. The Zoom URL will appear on the virtual ticket for the event. Copy it down!

Eventbrite link

When you register at EventBrite and when you enter the Zoom meeting, please use your real first and last names so we can get to know each other. You do NOT need to create an EventBrite account to register.

Please Note

In order to maintain decorum and avoid interruptions, even unintended ones, we have established a few ground rules for meeting attendees:

  1. We want to see your full name on display in Zoom at the meeting.
  2. All audience audio and video will be muted for the duration of the event.
  3. The presenter will determine if they can accept questions during the presentation, or wait until specific Q&A times, and that will be announced at the beginning of the meeting. (We often use the "chat" feature to allow attendees to ask questions when they think of them, with moderators passing them on to the presenter at the appropriate time.)
  4. Based on our experience with no-shows, we reserve the right to issue more tickets than available slots. We don't want to turn people away based on inaccurate estimates of attendance, but we do have budgetary limits to the number of slots we can make available. If we reach capacity before you log in, we regret that we have no way to expand capacity at the last minute.
  5. It would be good if you watched the chat stream during the meeting. Not only is it a way to submit questions to the presenters, but it's also a way for others to contact you personally. You have the option there to direct your comment to anyone who is part of the meeting as well as to one person in particular.

Finally, in the rare instance of behavior by an attendee that moderators believe is disruptive, we reserve the right to immediately eject such attendees.

Greg Dixon
AES PNW 2021-2022 Section Chair

n.b. The material presented at our meetings is the opinion of the presenter and not necessarily that of the Society. You are encouraged to conduct your own research and to form your own opinions before adopting the presented material as Truth.

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