The Conference comprised presentation of invited papers by internationally recognized specialists.

The Conference took place in a modern conference-hotel, Scanticon, in Snekkersten, about 30km north of the centre of Copenhagen City.

Background and Scope
Developments in audio technology and an increasing interest in comfort and sound quality have increased the demand for improvements in the reproduction of sound in small spaces such as cabins of automobiles, trucks and aeroplanes, listening and control rooms as well as domestic rooms.

Such improvements require profound knowledge of acoustics, electroacoustics and psychoacoustics as well as of measuring and evaluation procedures. Through formal presentations and discussions with participation by international specialists, the Conference provided an excellent opportunity for presenting and reviewing present knowledge and preparing future formal and informal professional activities.

AES 15th Conference Secretariat
DELTA Acoustics & Vibration
Building 356, Akademivej
DK 2800 Lyngby
Tel. +45 4593 1211
Fax +45 4593 1990

Organizing Committee
Chairman: Jan Voetman, DELTA, DK
Vice Chairman & Treasurer: Subir K. Pramanik, B&O, DK
Papers Co-Chairman: Soren Bech, B&O, DK and Mendel Kleiner, Chalmers UT, Sweden
Members: Eddy Bogh Brixen, DELTA, DK, and Ole Juhl Pedersen, DK

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