144th AES CONVENTION Workshop W22: 10 Years PLOUD in Europe—The Past, Present and Future

AES Milan 2018
Workshop W22

Friday, May 25, 09:30 — 10:30 (Lobby)

W22 - 10 Years PLOUD in Europe—The Past, Present and Future

Florian Camerer, ORF - Austrian TV - Vienna, Austria; EBU - European Broadcasting Union
Eelco Grimm, HKU University of the Arts - Utrecht, Netherlands; Grimm Audio - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Matthieu Parmentier, francetélévisions - Paris, France

In 2008, the European loudness group PLOUD was founded within the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union. A dedicated tribe of audio enthusiasts set out to conquer peak normalization and its detrimental effects on basically everything, but specifically on audio quality and listener satisfaction. Much has been been achieved in the 10 years since its gestation—but there remain a few loose ends; this was to be expected during such a fundamental change of the way audio is treated.
Florian Camerer, Eelco Grimm, and Matthieu Parmentier are all core members of PLOUD and share different aspects of the work done, being done and to be done.

Florian in his role as the chairman of PLOUD is giving a brief overview of the major changes that have already happened and are now well established. Loudness normalization is now the norm in TV, but other areas in broadcasting are still lagging behind, most notably Radio. An outlook will be given on the most burning issues in this area, under the light of the recent work of AES on Recommended Practices for Streaming.

Eelco will offer a brief update about the work on Loudness in cinema. Topics that will be touched are the relationship between overall electric loudness and the dialog level, some data about acoustic playback levels of movies and the master fader level setting at film festivals, and efforts to come to a new standard for trailers and commercials.

Matthieu will present a view on the activities of France Televisions, also targeting the tricky terrain of loudness in an object-based production environment

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