144th AES CONVENTION Workshop W26: The EBU ADM Renderer

AES Milan 2018
Workshop W26

Friday, May 25, 12:15 — 13:30 (Scala 1)

W26 - The EBU ADM Renderer

Chris Pike, BBC R&D - Salford, UK; University of York - York, UK
Michael Weitnauer, IRT - Munich, Germany
Nicolas Epain, b<>com
Thomas Nixon, BBC R&D - Salford, UK

This workshop will introduce the use of the Audio Definition Model to store and distribute Object-Based Audio master files to transport channel, object and scene-based contents.
The discussion will underline the role of OBA renderer within the post-production workflow and introduce EAR, the EBU ADM Renderer recently published as an open-source software.

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