144th AES CONVENTION Workshop W18: Recruiting and Training Participants for Listening Tests

AES Milan 2018
Workshop W18

Thursday, May 24, 15:30 — 17:00 (Scala 3)

W18 - Recruiting and Training Participants for Listening Tests

Jon Francombe, BBC Research and Development - Salford, UK
Jan Berg, Luleå University of Technology - Piteå, Sweden
Tore Stegenborg-Andersen, DELTA SenseLab - Hørsholm, Denmark
Todd Welti, Harman International Inc. - Northridge, CA, USA

Listening tests can produce accurate and reliable results when conducted and analyzed correctly. The participants in such tests are an important contributing factor to the quality of results that are obtained. However, recruiting, training, and maintaining a committed panel of expert listeners is challenging, and reporting in scientific publications often lacks detail.

In this workshop, industrial and academic experts will share best practices from their extensive experience of convening listener panels. How can listeners be recruited, assessed, and trained? How should details of the listeners be presented when reporting results? How can diversity in panel membership be ensured? What about ethical issues and data security?

The workshop will feature a number of short presentations and plenty of time for questions and suggestions from the audience.

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