144th AES CONVENTION Tutorial T29: Icosahedral Loudspeaker Listening Session (IKO)

AES Milan 2018
Tutorial T29

Saturday, May 26, 12:30 — 13:15 (Scala 1)

T29 - Icosahedral Loudspeaker Listening Session (IKO)

Frank Schultz, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz - Graz, Austria
Franz Zotter, IEM, University of Music and Performing Arts - Graz, Austria

In this listening session we show examples of how to employ focused sound beams, played by the powerful 20-channel spherical loudspeaker array IKO. Just as with sound bars but more powerfully, its beams enables utilizing the available wall reflections as passive surround system, but there is more to it. In our artistic research project OSIL, we explored artistic and psychoacoustical subtleties of the IKO. You are going to hear that sound positioning by beamforming in a room is not restricted to distinct wall reflections but supports a whole range of intermediate and room traversing positions. Artistically, the control of beam of the IKO allows to compose sculptural effects. We will explain and listen to some of the basic effects, before listening to advanced musical compositions.

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