144th AES CONVENTION Tutorial T14: Music Is the Universal Language

AES Milan 2018
Tutorial T14

Thursday, May 24, 12:30 — 13:15 (Lobby)


T14 - Music Is the Universal Language

Fei Yu, Dream Studios - China; U.S

Music supervisor and music producer Fei Yu works on Chinese video games and movies for the last 8 years. During the work collaborating with Western composers, she has her unique perspective on this new form of international collaboration.

This event will discuss the critically acclaimed score to NetEase Games’ "Revelation," the popular Chinese fantasy MMORPG that will soon be released internationally. As one of the first Chinese games to be scored by a westerner for the emerging Chinese video game market, we will show, by using musical examples, a way to work on this Chinese project. We will also talk about the recording techniques for projects like the movie Born In China that uses Chinese instruments—how to balance the sound, how to communicate with composer, etc.

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