144th AES CONVENTION Tutorial T19: Supporting the Story with Sound—Audio for Film and Animation

AES Milan 2018
Tutorial T19

Friday, May 25, 12:45 — 13:45 (Lobby)

T19 - Supporting the Story with Sound—Audio for Film and Animation

Kris Górski, AudioPlanet - Koleczkowo, Poland; Technology University of Gdansk
Kyle P. Snyder, Ohio University, School of Media Arts & Studies - Athens, OH, USA

Storytelling is a primary goal of film and there's no better way to ruin the story than with bad sound. This session will focus on current workflows, best practices, and techniques for film and animation by breaking down recent projects from the panelists.

Kyle Snyder will present audio from the "Media in Medicine" documentary The Veterans’ Project, a film that seeks to bring civilian physicians and the American public closer to the individual voices of veterans of all ages, as they return to civilian life and seek to live long productive lives after they have served. The Veterans’ Project is a feature-length documentary that weaves together the testimonies of injured or ill combat veterans who navigate the complexities of military, VA, and civilian medical systems in seeking treatment and reintegration into the civilian world.

Rodzina Treflików presented by Kris Górski is a classic, stop motion animation series for children. It uses original solutions for the mouth animation and generally speaking tries to combine the
old and the new techniques of today to make an appealing proposition to the youngest audience. It is meant primarily for airing on children network TV but it is also shown in selected movie theaters. At the present moment we are in the process of finishing the 4th season. The movie's soundtrack is produced in 5.1 and Stereo.

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