144th AES CONVENTION Tutorial T16: Audio Localization Method for VR Application

AES Milan 2018
Tutorial T16

Thursday, May 24, 16:45 — 17:45 (Scala 1)


T16 - Audio Localization Method for VR Application

Joo Won Park, Columbia University - New York, NY, USA

Audio localization is a crucial component in the Virtual Reality (VR) projects as it contributes to a more realistic VR experience to the users. In this event a method to implement localized audio that is synced with user’s head movement is discussed. The goal is to process an audio signal real-time to represent three-dimensional soundscape. This tutorial introduces a mathematical concept, acoustic models, and audio processing that can be applied for general VR audio development. It also provides a detailed overview of an Oculus Rift- MAX/MSP demo that conceptualizes the techniques.

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