144th AES CONVENTION Tutorial T01: Crash Course in 3D Audio

AES Milan 2018
Tutorial T01

Wednesday, May 23, 09:15 — 10:15 (Scala 2)


T01 - Crash Course in 3D Audio

Nuno Fonseca, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria - Leiria, Portugal; Sound Particles

A little confused with all the new 3D formats out there? Although most 3D audio concepts already exist for decades, the interest in 3D audio has increased in recent years, with the new immersive formats for cinema or the rebirth of Virtual Reality (VR). This tutorial will present the most common 3D audio concepts, formats, and technologies allowing you to finally understand buzzwords like Ambisonics/HOA, Binaural, HRTF/HRIR, channel-based audio, object-based audio, Dolby Atmos, among others.

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