144th AES CONVENTION Technical Tour TT05: INRIM Institute and the RAI Auditorium

AES Milan 2018
Technical Tour TT05

Friday, May 25, 13:00 — 20:00 (off-site 2)

TT05 - INRIM Institute and the RAI Auditorium

INRIM is a public research center acting as Italy's national metrology institute, maintaining and developing the national reference standards of the measurement units of the International System. The tour includes the Electroacoustic Institute "Galileo Ferraris," a visit to its anechoic and a reverberating chambers, and the electroacoustic laboratory where acoustic experiments are conducted.

Then we will tour the RAI (Italian Radio Television) Centre for Research and Technological Innovation (CRIT), born in Turin in 1930 as “Research Laboratory” for the national TV broadcaster, with a special focus on audio technologies.

We will complete the tour at the RAI auditorium "Arturo Toscanini". The Auditorium was built in 1856 and worked under the name Teatro Vittorio until 1952 when RAI rebuilt it and made it the house of the RAI Symphonic Orchestra of Turin and from 1994 the house of the unified RAI National Symphonic Orchestra. Since 1958 it is equipped with a complete audio-video recording facility. The tour will include the control room with a description of the audio and video facilities used for live and recorded transmissions.

Capacity limited to 30 people. These times include travel times. Bus will leave from and arrive to NH Hotel. Technical Tours are made available on a first come, first served basis to anyone with an All Access badge. Tickets can be purchased during normal registration hours at the convention center.

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