144th AES CONVENTION Technical Tour TT02: Teatro Alla Scala

AES Milan 2018
Technical Tour TT02

Thursday, May 24, 09:30 — 11:30 (off-site 1)

TT02 - Teatro Alla Scala

La Scala, in full Teatro alla Scala, is one of the principal opera houses of the world and the leading Italian house. La Scala was founded under the auspices of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria in order to replace the Royal Ducal Theatre which was destroyed by fire on 26 February 1776 and had until then been the home of opera in Milan. The cost of building the new theatre was borne by the owners of the boxes at the Ducal, in exchange for possession of the land on which stood the church of Santa Maria alla Scala (hence the name) and for renewed ownership of their boxes. Designed by the great neoclassical architect Giuseppe Piermarini, La Scala opened on 3 August 1778 with Antonio Salieri's opera L'Europa riconosciuta, to a libretto by Mattia Verazi. Today, it continues to be a unique opera house, with its architecture drawing from both modern and traditional influences. It is also noted for its tremendous acoustics, which can in part be attributed to the concave channel-tunnel beneath the wooden floor of the orchestra. There are few opera houses in the world, and perhaps none, that can match the historical legacy and beauty of this opera house in Milan. The guided tour will focus not only to the artistic beauties of the location but also on the technical infrastructure and the acoustics.

Capacity limited to 15 people. These times reflect the tours, not travel times. Maps and directions will be available when you sign up. No buses will be provided.

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