144th AES CONVENTION Recording & Production Track Event W20: Stereophonic Techniques for VR and 360º Content

AES Milan 2018
Recording & Production Track Event W20

Friday, May 25, 09:15 — 10:15 (Scala 1)

Workshop: W20 - Stereophonic Techniques for VR and 360º Content

Hannes Dieterle, SCHOEPS Mikrofone GmbH - Karlsruhe, Germany
Kacper Sagnowski, SCHOEPS Mikrofone GmbH - Karlsruhe, Germany
Helmut Wittek, SCHOEPS GmbH - Karlsruhe, Germany

In head-tracked binaural audio, the two-channel output is produced by a real-time convolution of a limited number of sources with HRTFs. There are elaborate systems that measure the HRTFs of each individual source. More general solutions define a grid of sources on a sphere. An arbitrary source is then mapped to this grid of sources based on the (higher-order) Ambisonics principle. With this method-utilized by many state-of-the-art binauralizers-it is possible to binauralize stereophonic virtual loudspeakers without performance problems. The workshop will give examples of stereophonic techniques for VR production and will show a workflow suggestion using practical examples. The advantages of using conventional stereo microphone arrays instead of first-order Ambisonics microphones will be shown.

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