144th AES CONVENTION Recording & Production Track Event W16: ANTON - Universe in 3D: Ambisonics in Electronic Music Production

AES Milan 2018
Recording & Production Track Event W16

Thursday, May 24, 14:45 — 15:45 (Lobby)

Workshop: W16 - ANTON - Universe in 3D: Ambisonics in Electronic Music Production

Pawel Malecki, AGH University of Science and Technology - Krakow, Poland
Szymon Aleksander Piotrowski, Psychosound Studio - Kraków, Poland

We would like to present collaboration between a sound engineer involved in spatial audio perception and ambisonic processing (Pawel Malecki) and a composer, arranger, and musician (Szymon Aleksander Piotrowski). Szymon's music, electronic project "ANTON," relates to interstellar travel and man's desolate journey through the universe. Spacious and three-dimensional thinking during composing inspired Pawel and Szymon to introduce these music concepts in 3D sound using ambisonics. This session includes playback in multichannel system, description of tools used, implementation and mixing process, technical, creative and aesthetic choices during the design process. Part of project "ANTON" (in stereo) is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae8pwQQFFwY&feature=youtu.be

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