144th AES CONVENTION Professional Sound Expo Session PSE03: The Effect of Acoustic Center in Subwoofer

AES Milan 2018
Professional Sound Expo Session PSE03

Thursday, May 24, 17:00 — 17:45 (PSE Stage)

PSE03 - The Effect of Acoustic Center in Subwoofer

Paolo Martignon, Contralto Audio srl - Parma (PR), Italy

This presentation is the outcome of an investigation begun in 2017 which sees the collaboration between Contralto Audio and Merlijn Van Veen. It was already presented briefly in AES143 in New York and is proposed again in this context where more room for details and discussion is allowed. As explained by J.Vanderkooy in his paper “The Low-Frequency Acoustic Centre: Measurement, Theory and Application,” the acoustic center of a direct radiating subwoofer unit is placed ahead respect to the driver membrane, at a distance depending on driver and cabinet dimensions. This has effects on acoustic simulations and it deserves some attention to avoid errors. Measurements are shown that confirm acoustic center position theoretical calculation and a discussion is made about its effect on the definition of models for accurate simulations.

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