144th AES CONVENTION Professional Sound Expo Session PSE07: The Italian Way—Italian Recording Studios

AES Milan 2018
Professional Sound Expo Session PSE07

Thursday, May 24, 16:00 — 16:45 (PSE Stage)

PSE07 - The Italian Way—Italian Recording Studios

Marco Borsatti
Sabino Cannone
Luca Pilla, Audiofader.com - Milano, IT

Discover how two of the very best Italian sound engineer work for international production, staying in Italy. Marco Borsatti (marcoborsatti.com) and Sabino Cannone (morevox.com) will explain how they adapt recording, mixing and mastering for international audience in respect of Italian sound, with audio example and plug-ins explanation. We will analyze also how technology has changed their workflow, their sound and their recording studios. Presenter: Luca Pilla, editor of Audiofader.com. Workshop will be handling only in Italian language.

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