144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Mandy Parnell

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Mandy Parnell

Mandy Parnell

Primary Affiliation: Black Saloon Studios - London, UK

Mandy Parnell became interested in recorded music at the age of 5, listening to records on a portable Dansette player - the iPod of the time. She studied music and music technology through her school & college years, trained and worked in recording studios until landing an internship at The Exchange Mastering Studios where she became a world renowned mastering engineer. She moved to Electric Mastering, further establishing her name in the music industry. After Electric, Mandy decided to launch her own facility Black Saloon Studios. Her 21 years of experience have allowed her to discover and develop her philosophies in analogue and digital audio, while working with an amazing array of artists.

She has been nominated for numerous Grammy awards, Tech Awards and various others. She is also an active member of the AES, Grammys, APRS and MPG, and lectures on mastering and the music industry

More Info: http://www.mandyparnell.com

Session List

May 23: W06: The Art of Vocal Production (Presenter)

May 23: W04: Mastering for Digital and Vinyl Distribution (Panelist)

May 25: T20: Before the Studio: The Art of Preproduction (Presenter)

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