144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Maksims Mironovs

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Maksims Mironovs

Maksims Mironovs

Primary Affiliation: University of Huddersfield - Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK

Maksims Mironovs is a 2nd year PhD student and a member of the University of Huddersfield’s Applied Psychoacoustics Lab. In 2016 he obtained a First class degree with Honours in Music Technology and Audio Systems at University of Huddersfield. During his placement, he spent one year at Fraunhofer IIS, where he was involved in multichannel audio research and development of the VST plugins. His outstanding academic achievements led him towards the Vice Chancellor's scholarship to pursue postgraduate research. To date the primary focus of his research has been the human localisation mechanism and analysis of the perceptual effects of amplitude panning. Additionally, he is interested in mobile application and audio plugin development and is currently working as part time lecturer and research assistant.

More Info: http://www.linkedin.com/in/maksims-mironovs-65583682

Session List

May 24: P12: Spatial Audio-Part 2
Virtual Hemispherical Amplitude Panning (VHAP): A Method for 3D Panning without Elevated Loudspeakers (Author)

May 24: P09: Posters: Perception
On the Accuracy and Consistency of Sound Localization at Various Azimuth and Elevation Angles (Author)

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