144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Enrico Esposito

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Enrico Esposito

Enrico Esposito

Primary Affiliation: Ask Industries S.p.A. - Monte San Vito, Italy

After a degree in Electronic Engineering he joined ASK Industries SpA in 1991 (SIPE Electroacoustic SpA at the time) where he remained for six years, ending his first period at ASK as R&D responsible. Although working in a very different field (non-invasive diagnosis of civil constructions and Cultural Heritage assets, both movable and immovable ones), he always cooperated with ASK and maintained strong contacts with the Company, finally re-joining it in 2013 as a consultant for loudspeaker design and then in 2014 he got a permanent position as Robust Design responsible for Acoustics. The role of RD is new for ASK and involves many tasks: Customer requirements analysis, management of preventive actions to improve product reliability, components specific testing and analysis and evaluation of product qualification tests, assessment and evaluation of methods for new technologies and materials, cross-unit transfer of knowledge, moderator of Design FMEA (DFMEA), definition of measurement parameters and tolerances for End of Line tests of products.

More Info: http:\\www.linkedin.com/in/enrico-esposito-25b09331

Session List

May 23: P04: Loudspeakers-Part 2
Don't Throw the Loudspeaker Out with the Bathwater! Two Case Studies Regarding End-of-Line Tests in the Automotive Loudspeaker Industry (Author)

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