144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Gabriel Zalles

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Gabriel Zalles

Gabriel Zalles

Primary Affiliation: New York University - New York, NY, USA

I am a Bolivian master's student at NYU in the Music Technology track. My love for music and audio started as a teenager when I first started learning guitar. I eventually got into producing electronic music which landed me at UCSD where I got a degree in Art through the Interdisciplinary Computing in the Art Major with a concentration in music. I moved to the city to go to NYU and have loved every minute of it.

More Info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabrielzalles/

Session List

May 24: P12: Spatial Audio-Part 2
Evaluation of Binaural Renderers: Localization (Author)

May 25: P18: Perception – Part 2
Evaluation of Binaural Renderers: Externalization, Front/Back and Up/Down Confusions (Author)

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