144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Denis Martin

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Denis Martin

Denis Martin

Primary Affiliation: McGill University - Montreal, QC, Canada
Secondary Affiliation: CIRMMT - Montreal, QC, Canada
AES Member Type: Associate

Denis Martin is a researcher, course instructor, audio engineer, producer, and percussionist with diverse interests and expertise. Denis is a PhD candidate in Sound Recording at McGill University, holds a M.Mus in Sound Recording from McGill, and a B.Mus in Percussion Performance from Acadia University. His research interests include critical listening, technical ear training, perceptual evaluation of audio playback formats and recording techniques, production techniques in popular music, and contemporary percussion recording. As a freelance audio engineer, Denis specializes in several genres: rock, R&B, jazz, contemporary classical, classical, and world music.

More Info: http://www.denismartin.net

Session List

May 25: P19: Posters: Audio Processing/Audio Education
Dynamic Range Controller Ear Training: Analysis of Audio Engineering Student Training Data (Author)

May 25: P21: Posters: Audio Coding and Quality
A Comparison of Clarity in MQA Encoded Files vs. Their Unprocessed State as Performed by Three Groups – Expert Listeners, Musicians, and Casual Listeners (Author)

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