144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Bruno Fazenda

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Bruno Fazenda

Bruno Fazenda

Primary Affiliation: University of Salford - Salford, Greater Manchester, UK

Bruno Fazenda, is a senior lecturer and researcher at the Acoustics Research Centre, University of Salford. His research interests span room acoustics, sound reproduction and psychoacoustics, in particular, the assessment of how an acoustic environment, technology or psychological state impacts on perception of sound quality. He is a researcher in a number of research council funded projects. He is also a keen student on aspects of Human evolution, perception and brain function.

More Info: http://www.aes.org/aes/bfazenda

Session List

May 23: P02: Audio Quality Part 1
The Effect of Visual Cues and Binaural Rendering Method on Plausibility in Virtual Environments (Author)

May 25: P22: Perception – Part 3
Speech-To-Screen: Spatial Separation of Dialogue from Noise towards Improved Speech Intelligibility for the Small Screen (Author)

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