144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Rod Selfridge

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Rod Selfridge

Rod Selfridge

Primary Affiliation: Queen Mary University of London - London, UK
Secondary Affiliation: University of Edinburgh - Edinburgh, UK
AES Member Type: Member

Rod is currently on a PhD programme within the Media, Arts and Technology Doctoral Training Centre, Queen Mary University of London. His research interests are currently focused on sound effect synthesis.

In 1995 Rod graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in Electronics and Communication Engineering and worked as an Offshore Engineer before moving on to become a Police Officer in rural Scotland. In 2011 he completed a Masters in Digital Music Processing at Queen Mary University of London. In 2014 Rod starting his research into real-time aeroacoustic sound synthesis.

Currently, along with writing up his thesis, he is a Research Software Developer, at the Reid School of Music, Edinburgh University, developing a VR system to replicate historical music performances.

More Info: https://rodselfridge.wordpress.com/

Session List

May 24: P10: Audio Coding, Analysis, and Synthesis
Physically Derived Synthesis Model of an Edge Tone (Author)

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