AES Rome 2013
Workshop W10

Tuesday, May 7, 14:30 — 16:30 (Sala Foscolo)

W10 - Miking for PA

Eddy B. Brixen, EBB-consult - Smorum, Denmark
Giacome De Caterini, Casal Bauer - Italy
Igor Fiorini, VDM Group - Italy
Cathrine Sadolin, Complete Vocal Institute - Copenhagen, Denmark
Henrik Sadolin, Complete Vocal Institute - Copenhagen, Denmark

Miking for PA is a very important task. Providing amplification to the spoken or singing voice or the acoustical music instrument requires good knowledge about the sound source, about the PA-system, about the monitoring system—and about the microphones. This workshop takes you through some of the important issues and decisions when selecting the microphone with regards to peak level capacity, sensitivity, directivity, frequency response, sensitivity, etc. Getting balance, getting definition, getting the right timbre or “sound”—and still avoiding acoustical feedback, that’s the thing. Recognized engineers and sound designers will generously share their experiences from their work on the stages. Warning: Some of the attendees may pick up ideas that will change their habits forever…

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