AES Rome 2013
Tutorial T2

Saturday, May 4, 16:30 — 18:30 (Auditorium Loyola)

T2 - Are We There Yet? The Ultimate Ultra-Portable Production/Recording Studio. From Idea to Final Master: How to Write, Sequence, Produce Your Music, and Control Your Studio Using only Your iPad

Andrea Pejrolo

In this highly interactive and hands-on presentation you will learn the tools, techniques, tips, and tricks required to write, produce, and mix a song using only your iPad.

Through practical examples and scenarios you will learn how to:
• Pick the best software for sequencing, producing, and mixing your music
• Pick the best iPad-compatible hardware tools (microphones, audio interface, MIDI interfaces, controller, etc.)
• Setup your mobile production studio
• Sketch your musical ideas
• Use your iPad as a creative inspirational tool for music composition and sound design
• Sequence and arrange your music ideas on your iPad
• Add real instruments and vocals
• Do a final professional mix
• Master your final mix
In addition, through practical examples and scenarios, you will learn: how to set up your studio in order to use your iOS device as a controller; configuration of iOS device for Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Live, and Cubase/Nuendo; wireless (MIDI over WI-FI) and wired MIDI connection; proprietary versus open source (OSC, etc.) options; designing your own graphic interface and controllers; ergonomic aspects of using your iOS device in the studio.
Who should attend? Anyone who wants to create some music with their iPads, from beginners to advanced, Musicians, producers, recording engineers, home studio owners from intermediate to advanced.

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