AES Rome 2013
Technical Tour TT3

Monday, May 6, 14:30 — 18:00 (Outside Event 2)

TT3 - Cinecittà Studios + Deluxe Sound

Cinecittà Studios offers a guided tour of their permanent facilities and sets. The Outdoor Set Visit gives visitors the opportunity to take a look at film production behind the scenes. As you step across the threshold separating the real world from this world of wonders you will feel that you have encountered a myth and when you leave Cinecittà you will understand why they call it the Dream Factory. That same feeling is what inspired Federico Fellini, what convinced Scorsese to shoot his Gangs of New York here, and what continues to drive so many directors to work there. During the visit through the world of Cinecittà you will be accompanied by professional tour guides with degrees in Film or Art History. The visit includes the two sets for Gangs of New York and Ancient Rome and obviously the Cinecittà Shows Off Visit. Furthermore, the tour will take you to explore the sound facilities of the Deluxe Digital Rome Audio including four dubbing rooms, four theatrical mixing rooms, and three editing rooms.

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