AES Rome 2013
Loudness Day Event L3

Sunday, May 5, 10:45 — 11:30 (Sala Alighieri)

L3 - Loudness for Commercials—How Esthetics Change(d)

Matteo Milani
Alessandro Travaglini, Fox International Channels Italy - Guidonia Montecelio (RM), Italy
Rubens Zambelli
Carlos Zarattini, Discovery Networks Italy - Milan, Italy

Commercials have often been the number one complaint when it came to loudness problems and level jumps. The fear to be softer than the competition has led to overcompression of the spots and to an extremely narrow loudness range as well as the”perception of the audio signal being constantly smashed. 'Free transients” and the liberation from this loudness competition has now finally come with the transition to loudness normalization, and especially for commercials this is more than welcome. Three sound designers who have a lot of experience in producing detailed sound tracks for commercials will demonstrate how this new paradigm has changed and is still changing their approach and show how the new dynamic possibilities can be used to great effect. Among the points discussed will be:

• Use of headroom and dynamic processors
• Use of sound effects (in particular low-frequency sounds)
• Speech definition and sound artifacts, and
• Short-term loudness limitations

Examples of their work will be played and explained.

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