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An ImmersAV Jazz Concert 134th AES Rome 2013

Jazz Concert

Saint Louis College of Music – Rome, Italy
Monday, May 6, 2013

A special music concert was held during the 134th AES Convention in Rome, Italy. The concert featured a performance by the Greg Burk Jazz Trio, with guest vocalist Elisabetta Antononi.

As an addition to the concert Robert Schulein made a combined Binaural and HD video recording for downloading following the convention. The audio/video recordings have now been edited and uploaded to YouTube. The recordings have been formatted for either headphone or loudspeaker auditioning by AES members. For those that attended the concert, these recordings will allow the opportunity to compare the live event to a surround audio with video recording process compatible with today’s consumer viewer/listening technology.

Jazz Concert

Two songs were selected from the one-hour performance and may be viewed or downloaded from YouTube at this time.

Viewing and Downloading

Once you have selected one of the following URLs, you may view the production with different levels of video quality by clicking on the “Change Quality” icon on the tool bar just below the progress bar. Choices will include 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p HD and 1080p HD. Select the highest value that will play on your particular computer or device.

If you have already installed a video download helper with your browser, you will also be able to download these productions to your desktop for later viewing, or transfer to another device such as a smart phone or tablet computer. Choices from the download menu will typically include MP4 1080p, MP4 720p, and MP4 360p. MP4 720p will generally be compatible with smartphones and tablet computers and produce a high-resolution image. MP4 1080p will look best on larger computer screens or HD television sets.

If you have not installed a download helper, here is a sight that provides a number of options for various browsers and operating systems:

Song 1:

Beatrice -The Greg Burk Trio / Rome – ImmersAV Headphone Version

Beatrice -The Greg Burk Trio / Rome – ImmersAV Loudspeaker Version

Song 2:

Bye Bye Blackbird -The Greg Burk Trio / Rome – ImmersAV Headphone Version

Bye Bye Blackbird -The Greg Burk Trio / Rome – ImmersAV Loudspeaker Version


Comments are welcomed via YouTube Comments or Email to Robert Schulein

Contact The Greg Burk Trio


Viewing Technical Notes:

These recordings are representative of a new entertainment art form that combines binaural recording with HD Point of view video.  It has been named ImmersAV Technology, which means to be immersed in an audio-visual experience.

The addition of a second sense, i.e. point of view video images reinforces the binaural audio experience as it helps a listener/viewer better understand where various sound are, and are not originating. It also tends to minimize front-back confusions and localization errors due to differences in HRTF between the capture and reproduction heads. 

A number of movies have been produced, and are available on You Tube that both explain the process for headphone and loudspeaker playback, and provide entertainment and educational examples:

1. An Introduction to ImmersAV Technology

2. Introducing ImmersAV Technology for Loudspeakers

3. Demonstrations of the sound localization capabilities of ImmersAV Technology for headphone playback

4. Demonstration of the sound localization capabilities of ImmersAV Technology for loudspeaker playback

5. ImmersAV Demos (Headphone), (Loudspeaker) Externalization, Distance Perception and Localization

A practical aspect of the process is that a listener / viewer does not have to purchase any thing new or acquire any special software to enjoy the productions, as all the 3-D audio content is contained in two channel “Stereo” audio files. The process is focused on the entertainment potential of smartphones, tablet computers, computers and large screen televisions.

To experience the technology one only needs a computer, smartphone, or tablet computer, a set of earphones, or two loudspeakers suitable for placing on each side of a video screen with a 60 degree included angle.  

Like most audio video technology, better computers, signal processing, headphones and loudspeakers produce better results. The main attributes of the technology are quite robust to variations in the quality of these devices.

The technical specifications for the Audio Video Content are as follows:

Headphone versions
2-Channel Binaural
AAC 320 kb/s
44.1 kHz

1080p, 30fps
h.264, 4 mb/s (1080p)

Loudspeaker Listening
Cross-Talk Cancelled * for 
60 degree included angle speakers,
AAC 320kb/s, 44.1 kHz

1080p, 30fps
h.264, 4 mb/s (1080p)

*Based on the Kirkeby design and include proprietary enhancements to optimize tonal balance in consideration for various playback configurations. See: Design of Cross-Talk Cancellation Networks by Using Fast Deconvolution, Kirkeby, Ole; Rubak, Per; Nelson, Philip A.; Farina, Angelo, AES Convention: 106 (May 1999) Paper Number: 4916

File sizes with HD video are approximately 250MB (1080p). Using QuickTime Pro, these files may be converted to an AppleTV file size, and then stored in the movie folder of iTunes.
When an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad are then synced, you will have a very good looking/sounding version to experience on a portable device.

Similar techniques work with Android and Microsoft operating systems.

If you have the ability to connect a computer to a large screen HD display, you should select the 1080p downloads for optimum resolution.

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