For Release: November 16, 2010

Enthusiastic Exhibitors & Attendees Applaud 129th AES

Tech, Talks, Tweets and Turnout Testify to AES’s Unique Pro Audio Audience

AES Exhibits Open

SAN FRANCISCO:  A full year of preparation, augmented by hopeful rays of economic sunshine and a spirit-boosting World Series sweep by the SF Giants, provided 129th AES Convention exhibitors and attendees with an enthusiastic platform for previewing the industry’s latest hardware and software advances, re-establishing relationships and, updating business and technical expertise. 

Over 14,000 attendees and more than 300 exhibitors crowded the Exhibition Hall, Workshops, Tech Tours, Panels, Platinum, Live Sound and Special Events.

“AES continues to represent the interests of the most serious, most influential and most advanced audience for professional audio gear and technology.” AES executive director Roger Furness says. “The growing appreciation for the quality of our technical programs, coupled with a palpable sense of community and an improving business climate continues to make the AES Convention a bellwether for positive developments in the world of professional audio. 

“The unique sense of community generated by our Conventions is a testament to the spirit and commitment of our all-volunteer team, which shouldered double responsibilities for their primary day-jobs and their Convention responsibilities. Convention Co-Chairs Valerie Tyler and Jim McTigue and the entire 23-member Committee should be lauded for the time and energy they devoted to this hugely successful endeavor,” Furness adds. 

AES deputy director, convention management Chris Plunkett reports that,“The trend towards smaller booths creates a level-playing field for all exhibitors – emphasizing technology more than hype seen at other shows. New program innovations such as the Product Design Track and the expanded Live Sound, Broadcast/Streaming and Game Audio Tracks drew new and expanded audiences. Virtually everyone was delighted with both the turnout, the buying power of the attendees and the overall good vibe of the show. The 131st AES Convention will be held Fall, 2011 in NYC,” Plunkett adds.

Exhibitor comments were exceedingly complimentary:

"The doom & gloom vibe of recent years melted away and the sun was shining at AES.  We saw a lot of old friends and a lot of new faces.  Great energy at this year's show in San Francisco!"  — Alan Veniscofsky, Director of Operations, TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik

AES Exhibits Floor

"It was nice to see the technical conference attendees visit the show floor to talk with us about our products.  Not separated as often in the past.  One visitor on Friday said that this AES reminded them of a car show: really crowded." — Jim Pace, plus24 distributor

"AES in San Francisco was more than we expected,” says Jon Tatooles, managing director of Sound Devices.  “Traffic was consistently good over the three days with interested, targeted and motivated visitors."

 “It was great that the public and the press came out to support the AES show. And, that the convention was not dominated by overly large booths, allowing the smaller manufacturers to display in a professional manner. We were also pleased to see many international clients and prospects. Overall, it was a great venue and a very well organized environment for us to introduce new products.”  Steve Strassberg, VP of Sales – HD & Broadcast, TC Group Americas

Twitter was equally effusive: 

 JZ_1273 Does not want this weekend to end... So many amazing people, sounds, and gear @AESorg#AES #music #San Francisco. 10:37 AM Nov 7th Retweeted by AESorg

 dizzyfreak AES convention day 2 has been mind-blowing. The exhibit floor alone is enough to melt ones brain. Gear, gear, gear!!! #AES 3:19 PM Nov 5th Retweeted by AESorg

 CyKiK (KamranV) was on a panel at #aes with ray manzarek of the doors. I gotta say "today was a good day" (ice cube) 11:02 PM Nov 6th  Retweeted by AESorg

 Robobo1 Sitting in Bob Ludwig lecture when Elliot Scheiner and Ed Cherny sit down next to me. Then Al Schmitt comes over. That's cool. #aes 4:51 PM Nov 5th Retweeted by AESorg


Photo 1.  Opening Day Crowds enter the Moscone Center Exhibition Center Nov. 5, 2010

Photo 2.  The 129th AES Convention Exhibition Hall was a hub of activity throughout the 3-day event.

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