AES New York 2009
Workshop W19

Monday, October 12, 2:00 pm — 4:00 pm

W19 - Audio Myths—Defining What Affects Audio Reproduction

Ethan Winer, RealTraps - New Milford, CT, USA
Jason Bradley, Intel Corporation - Hillsboro, CO, USA
Poppy Crum, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine - Baltimore, MD, USA
James Johnston, DTS, Inc. - Kirkland, WA, USA

Human auditory memory and perception are frail, and expectation bias and placebo effect are stronger than many care to admit. The result is endless arguments over basic scientific principles that have been understood fully for more than fifty years—the value of ultra-high sample rates and bit depths, the importance of dither, clock jitter, and ultra-low distortion, and so forth. If you move your head even one inch, the frequency response changes substantially due to acoustic comb filtering. Masking makes it difficult to hear artifacts even 40 dB below the music, yet some people are convinced they can hear artifacts 100 dB down or lower. Therefore, the purpose of this workshop is to identify what really matters with audio reproduction and what does not.

Excerpts from this workshop are available on YouTube.