AES New York 2009
Tutorial T3

Saturday, October 10, 5:00 pm — 6:30 pm

T3 - Percussion Acoustics and Quantitative Drum Tuning

Rob Toulson, Anglia Ruskin University - Cambridge, UK

Intricate tuning of acoustic drums can have a significant influence on the quality and contextuality of the instrument during a recording session. In this tutorial presentation, waveform and spectral analysis will be used to show that quantitative tuning and acoustic benchmarking is a viable possibility. The principle acoustic properties of popular drums will be shown by live demonstration and aspects relating to drum tuning will be highlighted. In particular, demonstration and analysis of the following tuning issues will be covered: Achieving a uniform pitch across the drum head; Tuning drums to a desired musical pitch; Manipulating overtones and generating rich timbres; Controlling attack and decay profiles; Tuning the drum kit as a pitched musical instrument.