AES New York 2009
Master Class M3

Saturday, October 10, 9:00 am — 11:00 am

M3 - Dennis & Olhsson

Bob Dennis
Bob Olhsson

Mastering The Motown Sound

Bob Dennis and Bob Olhsson were the engineers charged with mastering the records that helped Motown become a new sound heard around the world. In conjunction with Motown’s 50th Anniversary, this master class presents a rare opportunity to learn how it was done. These engineers were able to cut the loudest and cleanest records of the early 60s establishing the “Loud and Clear” standard with the Supremes first #1 hit. A simple psychoacoustic principle was used for level manipulation in both mixing and mastering to raise the perceived loudness done primarily without the use of compression and limiting. Mr. Dennis and Mr. Olhsson will show how the Motown approach can be applied to mastering today.