AES New York 2009
Historical Event

Saturday, October 10, 5:00 pm — 7:00 pm

Significant Technical Contributions of RCA Corp.

Cliff Rogers
Fred Barnum, L3 Communications
Hans Dietza

From Nipper and "His Masters Voice" to the World Trade Center "Antenna."

RCA covered the spectrum….All from Camden NJ.

Talking Machines, by the millions - led to Radios, by the millions – led to RCA Broadcast Division

The Broadcast Division maintained an unbelievable esprit de corps, among their employees—we were routinely challenged to development of state-of-the-art products that met the challenging needs of this fast growing industry, with unbelievable support. The resultant products were of unquestioned quality; were marketed, sold, and supported by an extremely well organized, well trained, and expertly supported, domestic and international sales and service organization. This resulted in an outstanding industry that to this day has been unmatched. Incidentally, the RCA Broadcast Division was one of the most profitable divisions of the RCA Corporation. It operated from roughly from 1930 until 1985. Many of the former RCA Broadcast employees report that the time that they sent at RCA Broadcast, was the most invigorating time of their lives. They served in many aspects of the broadcast industry including, Engineering, Marketing, Development, Sales, Advertising, Service, and the world famous RCA Princeton Laboratories.

Our opportunity here at AES is to look back, and review some of the greatest activities of the RCA Broadcast Division. The list is endless, however, our emphasis here will be directed toward the RCA Broadcast Audio products including microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, theater systems, and RCA photophone activities.

Look at the Industry and how it grew…We all learned…Let’s look back …What did we learn…Let’s now look ahead…