AES New York 2009
Game Audio Session G8

Monday, October 12, 9:00 am — 11:00 am

G8 - Interactive Speech for Games

Steve Martz, THX Ltd. - San Francisco, CA, USA
Hope Dippel, SCEA
Dieter Piltz, Blue Castle Games - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sports games present one of the greatest challenges in game audio—creating realistic play-by-play and color analysis from a virtual sports announcer. Seamless transitions and accurate descriptions are required for a believable experience in an adaptive environment. This workshop will cover topics pertaining to the compilation and realization of interactive speech in games. We will begin with asset creation— scripting, dialog recording, and working with celebrity voice talent. Then we will cover the implementation process—editing, mastering, phrase-stitching, asset management, and speech systems. Panelists will discuss their methods and experiences in the creation of interactive speech content for sport game titles.