AES New York 2009
Broadcast and Media Streaming Session B5

Saturday, October 10, 10:30 am — 12:00 pm

B5 - IP Audio—Out of the Studio: Connecting Anywhere

David Prentice, Dale Pro Audio
Steve Church, Telos
Chris Crump, Comrex
Robert Marshall, Source Elements
Alvin Sookoo, Musicam USA
Rolf Taylor, APT
Kevin Webb, Tieline Technology

Once the work came to the studio, now the studio has to connect to the world. Whether your audio is voice-over talent calling from their lake-front studio, a correspondent reporting from Afghanistan, a reporter on the scene of a breaking story, a technician monitoring a remote transmitter, or a spirited talk-show discussion with phone-in panelists and callers, the demands on connectivity for broadcasters and producers have dramatically increased. Now the same technology connecting the desktop or mobile device to your favorite network provides the potential for an “anything/anywhere” audio path. But does it work, what have the manufacturers done to address audio quality and quality of service, how universal is IP, what kind of hardware and software is needed, does it solve my problem, and does it really work? The answers will be supplied by some of the leading manufacturers whose hardware and software make the IP connections work. This is a discussion for networks, broadcasters, producers, studios, and facilities who want to know more about how to extend their professional network.