AES New York 2009
Broadcast and Media Streaming Session B1

Friday, October 9, 9:00 am — 11:00 am

B1 - Studio Design and Acoustics: A Case Study

John Storyk, Walters-Storyk Design Group - Highland, NY, USA
Judy Elliott-Brown, Connectivity - NY, USA
Chris Harmaty, Technical Structures
Dirk Noy, Walters-Storyk Design Group Europe
Marcy Ramos, M. Ramos Associates
Brian Wick, audioEngine

A team of creative design and system integration specialists will scope out a hypothetical media environment. The myriad of variables in site selection, planning, construction, systems integration, acoustics, HVAC, furniture and equipment selection, and aesthetics will be considered. While the options may seem limitless, the panel’s collaborative process in addressing this open-ended fantasy is guaranteed to produce an abundance of surprising recommendations and conclusions.

Among the participants in this two hour Panel are: John Storyk, co-principal, Walters-Storyk Design Group, independent NY-based HVAC expert Marcy Ramos, Judy Elliott-Brown, systems integration specialist with NY’s Connectivity Inc.; leading contractor Chris Harmaty of NY’s Technical Structures, Dirk Noy, WSDG partner/GM Europe office and Brian Wick, Director of Technical Operations/Partner audioEngine.