AES Munich 2009
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AES Munich 2009
Workshop W5

Thursday, May 7, 16:30 — 18:30

W5 - Professional Audio Networking in Sound Reinforcement and Broadcast Applications

Umberto Zanghieri, ZP Engineering srl
Bradford Benn, Crown International
David Revel, Technical Multimedia Design
Greg Shay, Axia Audio
Jérémie Weber, Auvitran

Several solutions are available on the market today for digital audio transfer over conventional data cabling. This workshop presents some commercially available solutions, with specific focus on noncompressed, low-latency audio transmission for pro-audio and live applications using standard IEEE 802.3 network technology. The main challenges of digital audio transport will be outlined, including reliability, latency, and deployment. Typical usage scenarios will be proposed, with specific emphasis on live sound reinforcement and broadcast applications.

This event promises a discussion of the challenges and planning involved with deploying digital audio in such scenarios.

The workshop will include a brief overview of potential evolutions related to pro audio networking.