AES Munich 2009
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AES Munich 2009
Workshop W14

Saturday, May 9, 13:30 — 15:30

W14 - 5.1 High Profile Mixing

Akira Fukada, Senior Engineer, NHK - Tokyo, Japan
Ulrike Schwarz, Engineer, Bavarian Radio - Munich, Germany
Jean-Marie Geijsen, Director & Balance Engineer, Polyhymnia - Al Baarn, The Netherlands
Sascha Paeth, Owner/Engineer, Gate Studios - Wolfsburg, Germany
Ronald Prent, Residential Surround Engineer, Galaxy Studios - Mol, Belgium

It is very interesting how the perception of music can be altered by a mixing engineer. A conductor or a musician changes the figure of written music, the composer's work, by his or her interpretation and expression. For the recording of music it is rather important what the music conveys to the engineer. In the process of recording and mixing the engineer will approach and embrace the music like an artist or musician.

In this workshop engineers who have various cultural and musical backgrounds present their different mixing results. What did each engineer consider and what did they aim at? We believe that considering the result is a very important element for understanding music and art.