AES Munich 2009
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AES Munich 2009
Workshop W13

Saturday, May 9, 11:30 — 13:00

W13 - AES 42 Digital Microphones

Gregor Zielinsky, Sennheiser
Malgorzata Albinska-Frank
Stephan Flock, Direct Out
Stephan Peus, Neumann
Helmut Wittek, Schoeps

The panel will discuss daily work with digital microphones and their peripheral devices.

While the first digital microphones were launched a few years ago, their use is still within an exclusive community of users.

During the last two years, prices of digital microphones have dropped, while the choice of mics—as well as choices of interfaces—have risen very strongly. More and more companies are incorporating the AES 42 standard.

In this panel manufacturers and users discuss possibilities and workflows of digital microphones. Experienced users will give their view on the AES 42 standard.