AES Munich 2009
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AES Munich 2009
Tutorial T9

Friday, May 8, 17:30 — 18:30

T9 - Techniques of Audio Localization for Games

Fabio Minazzi, Binari Sonori Srl
Francesco Zambon, Binari Sonori Srl

Videogaming is a new form of communication, which heavily relies on audio. The production of game soundtracks shares many technologies and techniques with the production of audio for other media. At the same time, videogames are software products, with nonlinear and dynamic behaviors, and these features of the media affect the way audio is produced and localized. This presentation reviews a set of specific audio production techniques that are applied in games localization, like the pre- and postproduction methods for localizing voices, the A/V asset management, the team that attend the local recording sessions, as well as the international quality assurance processes. Some theoretical aspects are also described, like the typical constraints that need to be accounted for during the speech voice recording phase, in order to allow the software to seamlessly load, mix, and combine audio assets coming from various countries, recorded in different times.