AES Munich 2009
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AES Munich 2009
Technical Tour TT7

Saturday, May 9, 09:30 — 13:30

TT7 - Bavarian Broadcast System BR Radio

State of the Art Broadcasting Studio in Germany

Bayerischer Rundfunk [Bavarian Broadcasting] (BR) is the public broadcasting authority for the German Freistaat (Free State) of Bavaria, with its main offices located in Munich. On3, the young brand of Bavarian Radio, presents a completely new radio and internet world for the youth of Bavaria. The contents come from the most modern broadcasting studio in Germany. The new website and the Digital Radio “on3-radio,” the live broadcast “on3-südwild” in the Bavarian television, and the music program “on3-start ramp” are produced and broadcast from a specially designed, multimedia studio environment. The heart of the on3-Studios is an entertainment area, suited for live acts as well as for radio and television recordings. Young people, who attach importance to sound journalism and music offerings outside of the mainstream value will be addressed. They are invited to inform and to participate on the innovative multimedia platform for listening radio and downloading audio and videos. First time listeners may arrange their own personal radio program in public service quality according to their own wishes. Furthermore you will see the big recording studio of the BR-Symphonic Orchestra with its modern control room.

Technical Tours are made available on a first come, first served basis. Tickets can be purchased during normal registration hours at the convention center.

Price: EUR 20