AES Munich 2009
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AES Munich 2009
Technical Tour TT4

Friday, May 8, 13:30 — 17:30

TT4 - Müller BBM Research / Environment

Müller-BBM is a leading consulting engineering company, who gives consultations, tests, and plans in the fields of buildings, environment, technology, and products. They form an interdisciplinary team, made up of engineers in various fields, architects, chemists, geologists, and physicists, who can provide complete, single-source solutions to many different problems. Since 1962, Müller-BBM has done business as an “acoustical consultancy.” Their job is to quantify, evaluate, and modify the effects of sounds, vibrations, heat, moisture, odors, pollutants, and electromagnetic waves on people, machinery, and the environment. They design measures to provide protection against disturbing influences, such as excessive noise from loud roads, railways or industrial plants, and they also develop measures for the purposeful “forming” of sounds—for example, constructing vehicles or technical facilities so that they produce agreeable sounds. You will see room acoustics and media technology using the example of international projects of concert halls and operas. Also metrological evidences of noise insulation and sound absorption of different structural elements will be shown. Active sound design in vehicle acoustics is also an important theme.

Technical Tours are made available on a first come, first served basis. Tickets can be purchased during normal registration hours at the convention center.

Price: EUR 20