AES Munich 2009
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AES Munich 2009
Live Sound Seminar LS4

Sunday, May 10, 13:00 — 15:00

LS4 - Sennheiser

Matthias Fehr, DKE (German Comission for Electronics and IT-Techn.)
Hubert Eckart, DTHG (German Society of Theatre, Event, etc.)
Bruno Marx, APWTP (Association of Professional Wireless Production Technologies)
Walter Möller, BLM, TKLM (Technical Conference of State Media Authority)
Florian von Hofen, VPLT (Society of Private Light and Soundtechique)

Loss of Spectrum for Wireless Production Tools

The WRC 07, World Radio Conference 2007, has identified the Spectrum 790 – 862MHz for IMT, International Mobile Telecom. In Germany more than 630,000 users operate in that spectrum: they need a new home for their activities.

The discussion will focus on the alternative spectrum that has to be opened and the transition time that can be expected.

For how long can the quality of wireless production tools be guaranteed?
Experts of the Federal Network Agency, the IRT, and the APWPT user organization and from the Manufacturers will give Spectrum users an outlook on expected changes.