AES Munich 2009
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AES Munich 2009
Live Sound Seminar LS3

Sunday, May 10, 10:30 — 12:30

LS3 - Yamaha and d & b

Stefan Goertz
Arthur Koll


Line Source to Point Source Transformation—Technical Concept of the d&b T-Series

Increasing demands on flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in sound reinforcement applications encouraged one loudspeaker development configurable for point and line source applications by an easy mechanical
modification. Several implemented design technologies will be discussed before the listening demonstration of the performance of the system under critical acoustic conditions comparing Q-Series line arrays.


Modern IT-Compatible Audio Networks

IT-compatible audio networks and standards: Cobranet and Ethersound. Both formats will be discussed regarding their advantages and limitations. Advanced network strategies like VLAN programming offers high channel counts and a wide range of additional services via Gigabit audio networks. Now video, intercom, remote control, and DMX services may be included in a modern network infrastructure. Of course, such a network has to be as safe and stable as possible, so the redundancy concepts developed by the IT industry like link aggregation / trunking / spanning tree will be discussed.