AES Munich 2009
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AES Munich 2009
Live Sound Seminar LS2

Saturday, May 9, 15:00 — 18:30

LS2 - Sennheiser & Yamaha – Live Sound Workshop

Svenja Dunkel
Horst Hartmann
Oliver Voges
Jürgen Wilhelm
Gregor Zielinsky

The workshop will cover two important aspects of PA:

(1) Digital mixing consoles for PA and monitors.

(2) A complete soundcheck of a live rockband on stage. The visitors will experience how high-end professionals do their soundcheck, including FOH, monitors, and wireless techniques.

The special task will be to get the tricky sound of the location under control. The hall Atrium 2 is very reverberant and is not an optimized condition. This is what pros have to work with every day. The band "Rauschenberger" is a new upcoming group from Hannover around singer and leader Rauschenberger, who has a splendid and very characteristic voice. After the soundcheck, there will be a half-hour concert.