AES Vienna 2007
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Last Updated: 20070426, mei

Saturday, May 5, 13:30 — 16:30


Tom Nousaine, Contributing Technical Editor, Sound & Vision
David Carlstrom, DCX
Roger Dressler, Dolby Laboratories
Dan Field, Harman Specialty Group
Jon Lane, Nissan
Geoff Martin, Bang and Olufsen a/s
Richard Stroud, Stroud Audio
Mark Ziemba, Panasonic

In testing nearly 700 OEM autosound systems, over 200 competitive aftermarket autosound systems and several hundred aftermarket loudspeaker systems Tom Nousaine has found that well over 95% of passenger seat listeners receive a soundstage with images that are asymmetrically clustered toward the near side of a car with individual images sometimes being placed at or on the near door loudspeakers. Surround system systems with center channel transducers seldom produce an optimal solution and the majority of driver side listeners receive a smaller degree of the same problem. In the opinion of Mr. Nousaine near side spatial bias is a nearly universal problem in autosound design and implementation. In considering this issue, individual panelists will present their individual interpretation of the situation along with methods and techniques for solving the condition.