AES Vienna 2007
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Last Updated: 20070501, mei

Tuesday, May 8, 09:00 — 11:00


Stefani Renner, Ingenieurbuero Renner
Wolfgang Draese, Hitachi Data Systems
Stewart Vane-Tempest, Plasmon
Magnus Widmer, IBM Switzerland, Storage Systems Group

Nearly all sectors of the professional audio industry, in particular large radio stations, face the same problem:  masses of analog archives, waiting to be digitized. Because digitalization pervades all levels of production today, converting from analog archives to digital media has become a necessity, not only to improve quality and preservation but also to make those archives compatible with current production methods. So, it should be no surprise that digital archiving has become a major field of interest in broadcasting.

This workshop will focus on identifying the best storage carrier for archives. Since one storage carrier no longer fits every situation—as it did back when p” analog tape predominated—each archive should be able to utilize the mass storage system that best meets its needs. Today’s archives generally use one of three types of mass storage carrier: tape-based, hard disk, and optical. In this workshop, we will present an overview of these three types of carrier along with their specific features and conclude with an in-depth discussion on how to select the best storage system for your archiving needs. Aspects such as the future-proof of the storage and the total cost of ownership are examined as well as questions about the behavior in high humidity, in dusty environments or at high temperatures. In addition, real-life experiences with archive installations in broadcasting will be shared.