AES Vienna 2007
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Last Updated: 20070430, mei

Monday, May 7, 13:00 — 15:00


George Massenburg, GML - TN, USA
Ronald Prent, Galaxy Studios
Jeff Wolpert, Desert Fish, Inc.

Even with the increasing confusion over the future of surround music mixes there is an increasing demand for efficiently produced surround products for film and television, as well as for music-only release. At the same time, it is economically tempting for film and television producers to accept surround mixing simulacrums ("faux 5.1" processing such as Unwrap or Logic 7) even when multichannel originals are available for remix.
Methods and techniques will be presented in this workshop to demonstrate how good, modern surround mixes are being made by successful professional practitioners.
The workshop will cover subjects such as:

• Different approaches to "spreading out" multichannel sources
• Strategies for different media
• Use of the center channel
• Bass management
• Reverb, delay, and other effects
• Monitoring

In addition to the panel presentation, there will be several "break-out" presentations the next day in the same room where each of the panelists will present one or more mixes, discuss and present techniques, and interact with the audience. Seats for these sessions will be limited, tickets will be available after the workshop.